Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kids and Cards

Recently I had the family for dinner. (20 of us)  I wanted something to keep the kids busy during the afternoon.  For the girls I made up card  sets for the following cards.  I cut and put all pieces together in the envelopes, fixed a box with the inks, stamps, bling, etc.  and set up three stations in my craft room.  They had a ball and the youngest, did a great job, right along with the teen-agers.

Thankfully, it was a super day and the boys were out front playing football most of the afternoon.  We had a wonderful day.  There is nothing like Family, is there??

These are the cards.  The first one is cased, and I do not know to whom to give credit, but I think it is beautiful in its simplicity.

...and a good time was had by all!!


scrappy jen d said...

Dearest Joan,
Thank you for the lovely and heartwarming mail you did sent me. I really needed this. Had very little time, but started blogging again and made some things.
What a wonderful idea to keep the kids happy on a family day! Wonderful must this be...
I alway's enjoy our family day when we are in the States. Those wonderful and warm friends over there are my family. Over here there's nothing. A little lonely this is from time to time. I guess my friends are my family and that's ok. Sometimes you do not have the luck of having brothers or sistres. Thank God for my boy's and all of my friends all over the world!
I love you, dear and thank you for YOU!
Have a nice sunday,
your Jen.

mochamama said...

These are awesome Joan and what a great idea to do for family gatherings to keep the young ones entertained!! Have an awesome day sweetie!

sister sheri said...

Joan! You must be feeling well to entertain all of those loved ones! Great news! And love the idea of setting up crafts for the kids. You are so creative!