Friday, December 18, 2009

The finished baskets of cards

The basket pattern was from a DAISY Christmas set.  I made two of them, then used the pattern on two sided designer paper, which worked out very well for the other three baskets.  It holds five cards nicely and I have the baskets sitting on the kitchen table waiting for the ladies when they come tomorrow morning for one last cleaning before Christmas.

I know you are all busy, also, at this time of year.  It seems a little overwhelming.  In case I don't post again before Christmas, do accept my warmest wishes to each of you for a wonderful Christmas time together with family and friends, and my blessings for a wonderful new year of 2010.

In closing I would like to share a Christmas Creed which I found on another post, that I found so meaningful.

Christmas Creed

I believe in Jesus Christ and in the beauty of the gospel begun in Bethlehem.

I believe in the one whose spirit glorified a little town; and whose spirit still brings music to persons all over the world, in towns both large and small.

I believe in the one for whom the crowded inn could find no room, and I confess that my heart still sometimes wants to exclude Christ from my life today.

I believe in the one who the rulers of the earth ignored and the proud could never understand; whose life was among common people, whose welcome came from persons of hungry hearts.

I believe in the one who proclaimed the love of God to be invincible.

I believe in the one whose cradle was a mother’s arms, whose modest home in Nazareth had love for its only wealth, who looked at persons and made them see what God’s love saw in them, who by love brought sinners back to purity, and lifted human weakness up to meet the strength of God.

I confess my ever-lasting need of God: The need of forgiveness for our selfishness and greed, the need of new life for empty souls, the need of love for hearts grown cold.

I believe in God who gives us the best of himself. I believe in Jesus, the son of the living God, born in Bethlehem this night, for me and for the world.

Happy Christmas to all of you!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Three more quickies--finishes this project!!

My boxes are ready to pack tomorrow morning for my cleaning ladies.  These cards went together really quickly.  All card stock is SU, as well as the stamp sets.

SU 'True Friend' set

The center is on a 3D mount, with a red pearl in center of each.


SU 'Heartfelt Thanks' set
I decided I did not like the ribbon after I had it well-glued in place, so I've left it,
but not really happy with it.

SU 'Something Nice" set (its an old one)  Message is computer generated "thinking of you"
This card is the easiest card I have in my samples!!! 

Monday, December 14, 2009

Some "quickies"

Its that time of year again when gifts of cards become part of my Christmas giving.  I have a team of five hispanic ladies who clean for me and they love my I am again, fixing them each a group of five. (I will show you the finished product when they are complete)

I needed some quick cards, as my supplies are having seen this layout on another site, I thought it would be perfect for a couple of ideas.  The graphics are from DAISY Co. and pcCrafters.
The card stock is from SU, and the greeting was computer generated.  The bling is from my drawer!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

gift tags and chocolate bar sleeves!

gift tags

sleeves for Hershey bars

Thanks to machamama who provides me with so many ideas, I found that I had the snowman image in my graphics, so I made some, too, for my booth downtown.  The gift tags are also from pc graphics, along with a SU greeting.