Sunday, September 20, 2009

Molly's Mini Scrapbook

 The gift box with the book nestled inside.

We have a little folded 6 x 6 scrapbook that we like to make for special occasions.  My granddaughter, Molly, wanted to make a special one for her parents' 19th wedding anniversary.  She started it in August and yesterday, Saturday, she came over to finish it.  The pictures do not do it justice.  She wanted it all in black and white with a little pale yellow for contrast.  We took the pictures with my camera, from  my scrapbook from 1990, and sent them to the drugstore on line, asked them to make them black and white, and two hours later they were ready to pick up!  What a day and age in which we live!!

The 'innards' are pretty full, so we have a fairly stuffed little book!!

The ribbon is untied and we are ready to explore the book.
This book has lots of little 'nooks and crannies' which makes it fun!

Here we have the backsides of the two flaps on the top
and the first full page.

At this point each page opens to reveal several more pages.

Yes, the young man with the wild wooly hair is my son, Jonathan...
and his best friend, as well as my three nephews.

Molly did the words, scriptures, and poems on the computer.

These two little doors open for more pics inside.

Here's the book somewhat unfolded, but it goes back together again
a easily as can be.

Here are two more little doors to open!

She had places to stick pictures in--the children came
much later.  I'm not sure why she wanted their pics in the wedding album!

Here is the same view with the pictures pulled out of their little pocket.

This shows a full page with the little 'doors' opened.

If you are still here, thanks for letting me share Molly's creativity with you.  I thought it was lovely for a little 14 years old to think up.  When she presented the ideas to me, I wasn't sure how the black and white pictures would look, but it turned out well.  Her Daddy will be overwhelmed with this book.  It doesn't take much to reduce him to tears!  I wish I could be a little mouse in the corner when she gives it to them!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Daisies, etc.

Several weeks ago, I cased these cards from Renee. I liked their simplicity, so ordered the large daisy from D.R.S designs because it is so bold and big. The polka dot daisy came from a package of clear stamps from Inadinkado, which I purchased at Craft Warehouse.

The papers and inks on both cards are from SU and the verse above is from a SU set of verses.

The verbiage is computer generated. The color is from SU water crayons which I used to paint the flowers. I also used some SU pens. I have part of a flower on the inside, as on the envelope.

I used to have a poster in my classroom which pertained to the kids' artwork. It said, "Make it Big, Bold, Bright, and Bump the edges and spill over the sides," which is what I did with the daisies. They spilled over the side!!

(I have to add that I did not allow them to draw with pencils, crayons only, and then outline in black. We had marvelous primary art work which was a delight to behold!) ....but I'm digressing!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Monday's Set

The DP is from Basic Grey.
I used the swiss dot folder in the cuddle bug for the white.
Martha Stuart punch for inside card.
SU stamp set--Garden Silhouettes
Verse from Heart and Soul Rubber Stamps