Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break brings a welcome surprise!

My grandaughter, Molly came for a three day visit this week
 ....and she made cards which I am sharing below.  She enjoys my "bling" drawers the best, I think!

All stamps are SU and the papers are from assorted companies.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Fun Monday!

Yesterday, I took my friend of many years, Pinky, for lunch to celebrate her birthday.  We taught next door to one another for several years,  met at Cannon Beach Conference Center in 1967, where I was on summer staff with my kids, which provided us with a great summer at the beach in exchange for me running the children's program.

I always have a few cards done up for her and this was Monday's presentation.  I have posted the cards in a previous post.  The images, on the cards, as well as the bag topper,  are from pcCrafters

....and now I must go and clear up my piles in my office, so I can get going on some new cards.  I know you ladies never have messes like this...however I shot the following from my desk chair--no matter where I look, there's a mess.  It IS going to get cleaned up this afternoon!!  (I hope)

I have recently added the bottom shelf which opens up the two top shelves for my ribbons, which I hope to have arranged by color for easy grabbing.

And we are back where we started--bet you're glad it is my mess and not yours!!!!